• spruce resin salve (strong 42%) 10ml / €5
  • spruce resin salve (strong 42%) 25ml / €10
  • spruce resin salve (strong 42%) 60ml / €20
  • spruce resin salve (strong 42%) 100ml / €30
  • translation English to Finnish €42 per page or €1.70 per line
  • translation Finnish to English €47 per page or €1.90 per line
  • proofreading Finnish €27 per hour (minimum €12)
  • proofreading English €27 per hour (minimum €13.50)
  • transcribing Finnish €22 per hour (minimum €10)
  • transcribing English €27 per hour (minimum €13.50)
  • subtitling English to Finnish €15 per sheet
  • subtitling Finnish to English €17 per sheet

Minimum charge for translations is 7 to Finnish and €8 to English, applied when a text is four lines (240 characters) or less. Minimum charge for subtitling is 24.

VAT 24% is added to these prices.

Pricing information

One page is 1,560 characters (that includes spaces). When a text is shorter than this "page", I charge by lines. A page contains 26 lines, a line contains 60 characters (that includes spaces). The source text length is what matters.

One sheet of subtitles is 20 subtitles; timing is included in the price. If there is no text provided on the basis of which to translate, 40% is added to the cost. The video should be provided as mp4 or avi format..

These prices may be subject to change; for instance, if the source text is very simple and/or void of errors, the price will go down. For example, if your text to be translated has already been proofread mention this fact when contacting me. If the source text is complicated or full of errors however, or if the schedule is very tight, the price may go up (night work adds 40% to the cost). I will always notify the customer of this before accepting the commission.

Hourly rates are charged solely by the minutes needed to do the work agreed upon. Required time varies, depending on the original quality of the product as well the nature of the request: the clearer the recording to be transcribed is, the faster the work – and if proofreading entails only correcting mistakes it is faster than with fluency suggestions included. Transcribing is also faster without the inclusion of expletives (e.g., "like, when I was like ten") or stressing of words. These matters are discussed before starting work.

Babel Koi supports small quarters. If you work alone with a project of your own, for instance, mention this kindly and a small discount will surely find its way to you.

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