Hoops of Nature

My current natural resource producer repertoire is listed below. However, it brings great joy to make something especially needed, so if you're looking, for example, a new herbal tea to soothe you or a key fob made out of a pretty little branch, do ask and I might well have something in my collection that could fit the bill!

- spruce resin salve (my number one product and personal lifesaver, I often feel; read more here)
- neodorant (a salve to scent yourself with without blocking your skin pores, read more here soon, like January 30th 2021)
- herbal teas
- natural sunscreen

hulavanteita pajusta I also do some crafts out of willow and flax string, pieces of driftwood and other treasures found outdoors:

- mobiles (willow, flax string and optional decorations: driftwood, dry plants, recycled pieces of leather)
- dreamcatchers (same as above)
- hula hoops (just willow, fabric decorations optional)
- willow circles or ovals for decorations, frames for macrame, etc.

I also:

- cut berry bushes and apple trees
- sell seeds of flowers found in Finnish nature (no cultivars, let alone invasive species)
- plan yards, gardens and plots
- advise on how to invite butterflies and other pollinators and useful insects in your garden
- plant and sow, if time allows (do ask)
- even out your garden paths with a cool old human-powered tiller


Do ask more about any of this, and we'll see!

P.S. For those who wonder: the name of my firm's, eheh, natural resource subdivision (still just me) in Finnish, Luonnonsieput, means more or less "natural catchies" after dreamcatchers – hoops just sounded better and hey, they are a tad more original anyway. Haven't seen hula hoops made of willow elsewhere yet. I hope nobody thinks ill of me if I sell a dreamcatcher now and then; I can assure you I have the highest respect for native Americans and that I'm not getting rich with those by any means. I also asked some members of the Ojibwe tribe (original dreamcatcher makers) about it, and got a nice response.



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