Healing resin

The "wound resin" of the spruce is widely antimicrobial and even works on the MRSA bacteria. There are hundreds of compounds in natural resin and in addition to its antimicrobial properties it reduces inflammation and helps skin regenerate – thus helping wounds close. Resin has been used for healing for thousands of years across the globe, and recently studies have confirmed its effectiveness. The healing and protecting effects are based on the resin and coumaric acids and lignans.

So, resin speeds up the healing of wounds as well as protects them from contaminants, just as it does on trees. However, it's been used for various other ailments as well:

pihkasalvapurkkeja- burns
- sunburns
- insect bites & stings
- sinusitis
- acne
- induration; hard and cracking heels, etc.
- fungal infections (e.g. between toes, on nails)
- warts (with patience)
- hemorroids
- herpes
- erysipeloid
- bedsores
- (atopic) dermatitis
- psoriasis
- tattoo aftercare

My resin salve is non-toxic and as such suitable for pets as well, and I know many a dogowner who keeps some handy at all times, for it soothes and protects wounds and doesn't even taste that nice! About 1% of the human population is allergic to natural resin, so if you're not sure whether that applies to you, try out the salve first on a small area.

I make resin salve using the traditional heating method, and two different recipes: one is vegan and contains imported candelilla wax, the other contains beeswax from a local honeyseller. Choose which one you'd like or try out both!

Some say that resin salve even soothes tightened muscles. If applying on a large area, it's a good idea to do when going to sleep, and wear clothes that protect the sheets from the salve. Myself, I use the salve on small and pimples all the time, and for a wart on the sole of my foot I used the salve only after showers, every 2–3 days, and after some months it was completely gone. I'd say it's worth trying for almost any skin affliction!

If you'd like to order, have a look at the prices and drop me a mail or use the contact form!

My spruce resin salve (Finnish: pihkasalva) contains (INCI): spruce resin (Picea abies resin), organic rapeseed oil (Brassica rapa oil), candelilla wax (Euphorbia cerifera wax) OR unbleached beeswax (Cera flava).




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