Babel Koi provides you with quality translation, proofreading, and transcribing in English and Finnish, from either to either at native-speaker (or better) level. Once you contact us, the reply will be swift and efficient, and methods of working will be nimbly agreed on.

In addition to e-mail it is possible to get service merely on paper, for an additional fee. If your text exists only on paper and you wish to receive the processed work as, e.g., a Word file, digitizing prior to translating will also cost a tiny bit of extra, according to the number of words.

Transcribing means that you provide us with sound files and we write it down, either exactly as it is with colloquialisms, or tidied down. We can also digitize your text, whether printed or hand-written.

Our expertise lies in culture-related texts and technical writing. Whatever you may have, it doesn't cost anything to ask; especially as Babel Koi feels that professional discretion begins right when you contact us. Also, you will be kept up to speed all along the watchtower.

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